About Labradors

Is A Labrador Retriever Right For You?

The Truth About Labradors!

Labradors have been the most popular dog in America for the past 25 years, and with good reason!  They are a wonderful, devoted breed, very driven to please, eager to learn, loyal, loving and smart.  They are considered the perfect family dog.


Lots of work goes into molding that perfect family companion!  The puppy you bring home at 8 weeks is no where near that stereotypical Labrador, but rather a “toddler” who puts everything in his/her mouth, including fingers and toes!

Here are some basic facts about Labradors:

*Most Labs have a puppy mentality until they are 2 years old

*Labradors need a lot of socialization.  This means integrating your dog into your daily life and exposing him to different environments, people, activities, objects and other dogs.

*Labradors do not handle boredom well.  A bored Lab will find ways to entertain himself, which usually ends up to be in a destructive way!

*Labradors do not do well being away from their people.  They crave human interaction and are not happy being left alone all day.

*Labradors were bred to work beside their masters.  They are a dog who needs a job, regardless of how minimal the job is.  These are smart, people-pleasing dogs that need tasks to keep them stimulated.

*Labradors need exercise because they are an energetic breed.  They need to be able to burn off that energy in a non-destrctive way.

*Labradors enjoy and require structure and routine, and will do wonderful when they know what is expected of them.  

*Labradors shed a great deal, and sometimes throughout the year the shed is quite profuse.  Nothing can prevent this shed, so if dog hair bothers you, this is not the breed for you!

If any Labrador (even a puppy!) knows what is expected of him, is adequately exercised, given some structure and enough mental stimulation adn socialization, you will have that perfect family companion that Labradors are known for!

You have heard the worst.  If you are not scared off, then maybe a Labrador Retriever is the right breed for you!

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