Sometimes we have older puppies or adult dogs available.  We usually keep two puppies initially from every litter with the intention of deciding between them and placing the other with a loving family.  Nothing is wrong with these dogs, in fact, oftentimes these puppies/dogs are the pick or second pick of the litter and do carry a little higher price tag because of all that we have put into them.  There are many advantages to acquiring an older puppy or adult.  In most cases they have been fully vaccinated, microchipped, crate trained, housebroken, well socialized, and raised with children.  Because these dogs have ben members of our family, we are extremely particular as to where they end up.  So please be prepared for many questions and a visit to our home to meet the available dog/puppy.

**We are going to have several older puppies/younger adults available this fall.  Inquiries are welcome**

If you are interested in any of the dogs listed here, please as an initial step, complete our puppy questionnaire and email it to us with your inquiry to

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