Summerlin Labradors is a small hobby kennel established in 2000 and located in the Midwest.  I breed on average two litters per year.  Every breeding is planned months or years in advance with the intention of keeping something from the litter to show, train in the field to hunt ducks, and build on the dogs I have.  Puppies that do not go on to have show careers are carefully matched with thoroughly screened families.  My goal with each litter is a healthy, sound, beautiful Labrador with a wonderful, correct temperament.

As an AKC breeder of merit, I maintain a meticulous protocol of care for my dogs that includes not only healthy, clean and comfortable living quarters, good nutrition and supplements, but also lots of play time, walks, hiking and swimming.  We do not keep our dogs in a kennel environment and every dog gets to spend time in the house with our family.  We keep on average 6 adult Labradors that we show and compete with.  We also normally have a couple of youngsters that we are growing up as “hopefuls”, although we have very high and particular standards for the dogs we ultimately show and breed.  For this reason, we might occasionally have an older puppy or young adult available to a loving family.

I have had Labradors nearly all my life, and my love for this incredible breed has grown significantly with every Labrador that has entered my life.  My first Labrador, Katie, will forever be remembered in my heart as the dog who started this love affair.

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