Please read through the below information as it will give you a good idea as to what to expect from us as the breeder of your puppy, as well a week-by-week summary of what we do with our puppies!  Once you have read through this page, please fill out our puppy questionnaire and send it along with your inquiry!

*We do not have any puppies available.  Our next litter will be in early 2021*

What To Expect From Summerlin Labradors

First and foremost, we are a hobby kennel.  This means that we exist for the pure love of the Labrador Retriever.  Every litter we have is bred with the intention of keeping a puppy or puppies to continue our lines and build on the dogs we have.  We are not “in business” and do not attempt to make a profit on our puppies as any money made goes right back into the dogs.  Puppies we don’t keep are placed in pre-screened loving pet homes on Limited AKC registration with spay/neuter contracts.  Because we are a hobby kennel, we are extremely particular as to where our puppies end up.

We like to believe that our pups are given a great start on life.  All puppy parents have at minimum hip, elbow, and heart clearances from the Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA), eye exams performed every 12-18 months by a canine opthamoligst, and come from ancestory with similar clearances.  At least one parent must be Optigen Normal/Clear for PRA and Exericsed Induced Collapse (EIC) Clear.  These health screenings give your puppy a much better chance of being free from such genetic diseases that are common in Labradors.  For the first 8 weeks of life, puppies are very vulnerable and impressionable.  Because of this, much of what we do with the puppies is shaping, influencing and preparing them for hte dogs they will become.  We care about every puppy that leaves our home and want every family to be succesful in raisingtheir puppy.  Therefore, we make ourselves available at any time for any questions, advice, and trouble-shooting for the life of the dog.  We are happy to help whenever as it is very important to see both the family and the dog happy!

What Do The First 8 Weeks Here Look Like?

Newborns are marked at birth with colored collars or nail polish so that we can moniter and record each puppy’s weight and health.  CaniOtic Puppy Prep is given to newborns when they are just a few days old and continued through weaning.  This is a live, canine-sourced immunoprobiotic that supports the GI tract and inhances the immune system.  At day three, we begin early neurological stimulation exercises that were developed by the US Military canine program also known as the “Super Dog Program.”  These give exercises are designed to stinumate the neurological system in order to give the dog a superior advantage.  There are documented benefits and we have found the use of these exercises very beneficial in developing puppies who become quick learners.

One-Two week old babies are handled extensively by our family for increasingly longer periods of time and in different rooms of our home to introduce the new smells of a different environment.  Closer to two weeks of age, the babies are starting to become a little more mobile, some even getting up on their wobbly feet for the first time.  Eyes start to open around two weeks of age as well.

Three week old babies are taken outside for very short intervals, if the weather permits.  They may get to feel grass beneath their feet for the first time.  At this age their eyes and ears are open and they are really starting to walk around well.  They are becoming much more interactive as they start recognizing our voices and even start playing with their littermates.  Sometime during week three, we introduce puppy gruel consisting of ground up puppy food and puppy formula.

Four week old babies are eating 2-3 meals of puppy gruel per day.  A “potty box” is introduced so that they learn to eliminate only in the potty area, keeping their bedding clearn and dry.  They will get progressively better about going potty only in their litterbox.  This comes in handy for when you begin crate training and house breaking your puppy, because he is learning not to mess his sleeping area.  A variety of interactive toys are introduced as well as an open crate they can crawl in and out of.

Five-Six week old puppies are moved into a bigger pen for play and sleep which includes a tunnel and objects to climb on and explore.  Puppies are exposed to even more noises on a regular basis and get regular outside time, even if weather allows for only short intervals.  At this time personalities are really starting to develop and I start thinking about different puppy matches for each of the families who are getting a puppy from the litter.

Seven week old puppies are temperament tested and evaluated using a test designed for Labradors.  Puppies are first evaluated for their conformation and structure, and then are evaluated on their response to a series of exercises and stimuli.  These tests do not always paint the whole picture of each puppy, but is a tool that we use to determine those puppies who have potential to be service dogs, obedience competitors and hunting companions. 

Eight week old puppies receive their first vaccination and are microchipped during their puppy wellness exam.  Puppies may go to their new homes beginning three days after their vaccination, to ensure that there are no vaccine reactions.

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