Stud Service

 Summerlin Presssing Danger, JH “Preston” pictured on the left with his mother, MBISS GCH Summerlin’s Charmed And Dangerous JH WC “ Potter”

Stud fees for all our boys are set at $1800 for two collections of fresh chilled semen.  A $400 non-refundable, non-transferable service/handling fee is available as a convenience for known breeders.  Fees are due upfront and prior to the first shipment of semen, no exceptions.  The remaining $1400 is due within 10 days after 2 or more live puppies are whelped. If one puppy results, no further money is owed.  If stud fee is paid upfront in it's entirety, and one or zero puppies result, a free re-breed is given and must be used within 2 years.

The bitch owner is responsible for all shipping charges, and can be pre-paid wtih either a credit card or a FedEx account number.  The bitch owner is also responsible for providing or purchasing shipping boxes and extenders.  If you would like to ship your own boxes and/or extender to me, please contact me for my mailing address.  Otherwise I have kits (Minitube extender and new/unused Exodus Canine Express shipping boxes) available for purchase at the price of $120 (2 boxes and extender which is my cost with shipping to keep these on hand).  Please add this cost onto the service fee unless you will arrange to have boxes and extender shipped to me.

We require that progesterone testing be utilized to determine the optimal date of shipping and insemination.  Pleaes contact me with any further questions or requests at

Thank you for considering our boys!

*If you are inquring about frozen semen, please email me for information and cost.

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