Skyfire Summerlin Crash And Burn


MBISS CH Summerlin Coming In Hot x Skyfire Danrich Reckless Nomad

w. 4/26/20

Pure for chocolate (does NOT carry yellow)

Full Dentition

OFA Prelim Hips TBD

OFA Prelim Elbows TBD


OFA Eyes/ACVO Clear

PRA Clear

EIC Clear

HNPK Clear

We are so thrilled to have this choclate Crash son!  Blaze is a big impressive puppy that dives into everything head first.  He is a head-turner wherever he goes and is a ton of fun.  He picked up instantly on field work and got his puppy WC as a 5 month old.  I am crazy about this puppy and am so thankful to his breeder Stephanie Harris for breeding to Crash and sending me this awesome puppy!

Blaze is 6-7 months old in these pictures.

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